Carmen Vallone

March 19, 2010

Carmen, is a funny italian guy.  He definately has the charisma to be on stage.  Seeing him talking people onto stage is awesome.  Really a great night to see.  The dating game bit he did was sweet.  He tried to rap, thankfully it was funny as hell.   I left wishing I would have gotten there earlier. 

His opener I didn’t get to see cause I was late, but afterward I spoke with both of them.  Both hilarious guys.  Each got their start working at a comedy club, then amateur nights.


Norm Stultz

March 19, 2010

Norm is an old married guy.  He explains the marriage situation better than any other comedian ever has.  His stories of being a husband and a parent nearly made me pee myself.  His stage presense was amazing, for a guy of 182 years old he has major amounts of energy.  checked out his youtube videos and he apparently is consistantly hilarious.

Norm’s story telling ability and his outlandish one liners makes me think he is an experiment of crossing Rodney Dangerfield and Ron White on cocaine. 

After the show both him and his wife were cordial and friendly.   I’d recommend him to anyone.

Gerry “The Human Jukebox” Grossman

March 19, 2010

Gerry, is an obvious ex-hippie, maybe current one.  The guy starts out warming up with some great hippie jokes.  He then launches into a musical contest getting the audience into it quite a bit.  His banter with the audience made him own the stage.  His ability on guitar is pretty good and he can play just about any outlandish song you can ever come up with.   Gerry was a treat and I left laughing.

Comedy Reviews in da soo

March 19, 2010

So after too many nights at Kewadin Casinos comedy night I’ve decided I need to write a blog.  That and the peer pressure of everyone else seeming to need to point every pointless random useless thought for all to see.  So this blog is the doggers outlet. 

The usual touring comedians consist of 2 comedians.  Tim Ellis of 99.5 Yes FM is now the official host.  Usually TimmE comes out and introduces the first guy.  The first guy has a tough job, he has to actually get the audiences attention and warm them up.  Most of the openers bomb out, despite of how funny they are.